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Lee Enfield Military Surplus Rifles

Lee Enfield Military Surplus Rifles
2 years ago

Henry Krank are pleased to announce our large stock of war surplus Lee Enfield .303 rifles now available to view on our website. We have a large selection of WW1 and WW2 dated SMLEs, along with a plethora of Lee Enfield No.4 WW2 and later production rifles. Please click here to view our selection of SMLEs, and here for No.4 rifles, or read on for more information.

Enfield Rifles

Short Magazine Lee Enfield, SMLE

We have a large number of .303 SMLE rifles, dating from both the Great War and WW2. Most SMLE rifles are MKIII*, dating from 1916 at the earliest, though many models have parts from the earlier MKIII, and feature the MKIII style wood (with cutout for magazine cut off) and MKIII cocking indicator. This was common on guns made during the transition from MKIII to MK III*, as wartime expediency necessitated the use of all available parts.

Most of our Great War era guns are true MKIII*, and were made by BSA or Enfield & Co. Some were refurbished in WW2, and the dates are overstamped on these, and are listed according to their new date. Our Great War SMLEs are in general good condition, though buyers must be aware that rifles a century old and veterans of two world wars will acquire certain marks of use, and we endeavor to describe and photograph the guns faithfully. Some feature stock discs or unit markings, or other identifying marks, these are listed in full in the description, and can also be seen in the images. Our WW2 SMLE rifles are either of 1939-45 manufacture, or are earlier rifles that have been armory refurbished, and re-stamped. These guns are in good condition, and are all MKIII* rifles, many with matching numbers to bolt, and receiver.

Prices for SMLE rifles starts at £595, with particularly good or unusual examples priced accordingly. Please note all our rifles have been freshly CIP proofed, and come ready to shoot.

SMLE Rifle

Lee Enfield No.4 MKI*

Our selection of No.4 rifles are without exception Long Branch manufactured rifles, made by Small Arms Ltd, in Long Branch, Canada. These rifles are all No.4 MKI*, dated from 1940 (when production first started at Long Branch), up to 1955, with the majority being produced during the war. The No.4 MKI* offers the greatest variation in features.

We have a large selection of both two groove, and five groove rifled No.4 MKI* rifles. This does not make a difference in terms of shooting, the reason behind the mid war change from 5 groove, to 2 groove rifling comes from wartime expediency, as 2 groove rifles are naturally much faster to manufacture. This continued after the war, as it was found in use that there was no noticeable difference, therefore no reason to revert back to five groove rifled barrels. Our rifles are also available with matching numbers, in both 2 groove and 5 groove variants.

The furniture and sights also varies from gun to gun, it is clear to see the difference in woodwork and metalwork on some rifles, as these are surplus, some wood panels or metal parts have been replaced; some have slightly different coloured wood, or some parkerised or blued parts. This again makes no difference to function, and choice is down to the shooter’s own taste. We also offer our No.4 rifles with different sights; standard battle sights, set for 300, or 600 yards, the MKIII stamped flip up sight for shooting out to 1300 yards, and a very small number with MKI Vernier adjustable sights. Again, these are mentioned on our online description, and there is undoubtedly a combination for every shooter.

Our range of No.4 MKI* rifles starts at £450. Please note all our rifles have been freshly CIP proofed, and come ready to shoot.

No.4 Enfield

Lee Enfield Accessories

Along with the rifles, we also stock a number of Lee Enfield specific accessories. We have Lee Enfield No.4 sight adjusters (reproduction), and WWI pattern Armourers’ bore viewers. We also stock drill rounds, for function testing.

We also stock factory loaded .303 ammunition, made by PPU along with reloading components, and a full range of LEE Precision reloading accessories, and powders. We also stock a constantly updated range of other historic military rifles from different armed forces, please see the link below to our page.

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