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Shooting Into The Night

Shooting Into The Night
2 years ago

After recently acquiring his first centre-fire rifle in the shape of a .243 Blaser R8 John has enjoyed some successful shooting.Here we look at the German engineering and the results it can achieve.

As a rifle shooter you often hear that your rifle will prefer one bullet over various others.Armed with several boxes of bullets, John accompanied with his friend Thomas thought they would find out for themselves.The Blaser complete with Hausken moderator showed how this wasn’t the case at all.Bullets from 55 grain up to 100 grain in several manufacturers all grouped flawlessly proving the quality of manufacturing.This gave John the confidence needed to know he could place shots with perfect precision.

He felt night time shooting with the addition of a thermal monocular was the way to go.John soon achieved good results in combination with a good quality lamp.One outing saw them have 7 foxes shot on some land at Ponteland.Although this was exceptional they felt the lamp gave away the surprise factor.The Blaser carries another unique feature in the form of the saddle mount and John saw this as an opportunity for stealthier shooting.The saddle mount allows a seamless change of scopes without any loss of zero, meaning various scopes can all be used on the same gun with no adjustment required.

10 Oct 2018 11:29:23

After acquiring the highly anticipated Yukon Photon RT night vision scope they set off for their next outing armed with some Norma 75 grain.This scope has been drastically re-designed from its predecessor, the XT, to have a crisper view with a much improved built in IR.The saddle mount allows a change of scopes from day to night vision and produced a deadly combination of the thermal spotter with the night vision Photon RT, meaning total surprise for the vermin.After a night shooting the night vision scope can then be quickly replaced with a day scope for a morning deer stalking.

It really is as simple as that with quick attaching and detaching with no loss of zero at all.This complete package really does mean one tool is needed to do the whole job.The Blaser R8 also has the option to have multiple barrels all on the same action.This gives a full range of calibres but with only having the one rifle.A huge advantage for someone with the smaller gun cabinet.

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